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ISA Certified Test Preparation

Welcome! and thank you for your interest in Tall Tree Learning’s ISA Certification Arborist Test Prep. Course. This course is entirely online, but is instructor-led so you have a chance to interact with an actual person for questions and explanations of the presented material. Each week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. There is a live session each Saturday that is done in real time. If you can’t make it to the live sessions, don’t worry, each one is recorded so you can view them at any time. The weekly quizzes and projects can be done anytime during the week.

While there is an initial sign-up fee this is a “learn to earn” course. The entire course is worth 100 pts. Weekly quizzes, assignments and the final exam are all graded. Whatever cumulative grade is earned at the end of the course (between 0 and 100) is the amount of your refund. A grade of 100% = $100 refund. In other words, the harder you work the more money you earn to use toward taking your exam.

The primary text for this course is the Arborist’s Certification Study Guide by Sharon Lilly (2010 edition) which can be ordered directly from the ISA.

The course will last for a total of seven weeks. The first week is orientation to the on-line learning system and developing your strategy for completing this course and taking the Exam. The next 5 weeks will cover the 10 major emphasis areas found on the exam:

Soil Management
Tree Identification and Selection
Installation and Establishment
Safe Work Practices
Tree Biology
Diagnosis and Treatment
Urban Forestry
Protection and Preservation
Tree Risk Management

The final online learning session will be review and will also cover in-depth proven strategies for maximizing your score on a multiple choice exam.

Passing the ISA Certified Arborist Exam can be intimidating. Tall Tree Learning can help. After seven weeks of intensive training you will enter the exam room with confidence knowing that when you leave you will be an ISA Certified Arborist.

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